Dry Skin Cures With Hair Conditioner for Dogs


Although there are many reasons your dog may have dry skin, the seasonal cold weather is the most common cause. Improper diet or canine seborrhea, a greasy or flaky skin condition accompanied by inflammation, or excessive fleas can also all contribute to dry skin in a dog. Since visits to the vet can be costly there are some remedies for dry skin you can do at home that will condition your pet’s hair.

All Natural Dog Conditioner

One of the problems with dogs with dry skin is that they may not be getting enough essential oils needed for a healthy coat. Often, commercial dog food doesn’t supply enough fatty acids or nutrients to ensure a healthy coat of hair. Vitamin E is comprised of triglycerides and most importantly, omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids, which are antibacterial, anti-fungal and fight inflammation and can soothe dry skin in dogs. Cane and Abel’s All Natural Dog Conditioner contains vitamin E, along with the antiseptic properties of aloe vera and the anti-inflammatory properties of shea butter to treat dry skin an inflamed patches. It also has essential oils to repel insects. All Natural Conditioner comes in lavender/eucalyptus or peppermint/tea tree scent.

Give your dog a bath. Using a mild liquid soap and water lather up your pet with suds. Then, rinse your pet thoroughly with lukewarm water, making sure that all soap residue is gone. Apply All Natural Dog Conditioner to coat and lightly massage while your dog’s coat is still damp. Leave on for 2 to 3 minutes. Using lukewarm water, rinse the conditioner thoroughly out of the dog’s coat. Wrap your dog up in the warm towel and dry your dog. Afterward, your pet’s skin will be fully moisturized and its coat will be conditioned, resulting in a glossy shine.

DermAllay Oatmeal Conditioner

If your dog is suffering from dry itchy skin caused by skin allergies, hot spots (inflamed patches of irritated skin) or flea infestation, oatmeal can provide relief by soothing your pet’s irritated skin. Oatmeal contains vitamin E, a natural moisturizer known for soothing skin and inflammatory flare-ups. An oatmeal-based conditioner will condition your dog’s skin, leaving its hair moisturized and healthy. DermAllay Oatmeal Conditioner contains essential fatty acids that moisturize the skin and enhance your dog’s coat, giving it a healthy shine. Bathe your dog, using a mild shampoo. Rinse your dog and remove excess water.

Parting the hair, apply DermAllay Oatmeal Conditioner directly to your dog’s skin and let your dog’s hair dry and then groom as usual. For a dry application, apply directly to the dog’s skin.

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