Resonated Muffler Tips


Resonated muffler tips are muffler tips that have extra material added to their design that can alter the way a car's exhaust sounds. Resonator tips are a relatively inexpensive way to make your car's exhaust sound better and look better. These tips are also usually pretty easy to install and care for.

Why Use a Resonated Muffler Tip

  • A resonated muffler tip can help alter the sound of your exhaust. Generally speaking, a resonated muffler tip will mellow out the sound of an exhaust, resulting in a slightly deeper, less edgy tone. It should be noted that while a resonated exhaust tip can change the tone of an exhaust, but it will not drastically change the sound of the exhaust, nor will it improve performance in any noticeable manner. Another reason a resonated exhaust tip might be used is for the aesthetic upgrade it imparts. These types of tips are generally larger and more aggressive looking than a stock muffler tip.

Where to Find Resonated Tips

  • Resonated muffler tips can be found in a number of places. Auto parts stores will have a selection, as will muffler shops. You may even be able to find them at the dealer that sells your make and model. EBay is another great place to find these tips; simply type in what you are looking for. Large performance parts companies, like Summit Racing and Jegs, will also have a larger selection of resonator tips to choose from. Lastly, you can also go directly to the manufactures, like Magnaflow and Ansa, who have a large assortment of resonator tips available.

How to Install and Care for Resonated Tips

  • Most resonated muffler tips can be installed with a minimum of tools and expertise. Most tips use a clamp that is tightened around the existing exhaust pipe to fasten the tip. The clamps are tightened with a wrench. You can also weld resonator tips onto your exhaust for a more permanent installation. If you do not have the skills to weld, this should be done by a professional muffler shop. Resonated tips are usually made of chromed steel or stainless steel, with some being made from carbon fiber or metal that has been powdercoated. To care for them, simply clean them often and polish them with the proper metal polish.

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