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Individuals with oily skin often suffer with comedones, also known as blackheads. With blackheads, oil and dirt stretch and fill the pores. The mixture hardens within the pores, leaving the appearance of small black dots along the surface of the skin. Specially formulated soaps, instead of regular bar soaps, work best against blackheads.

Salicylic Acid

  • Salicylic acid is the main ingredient in most blackhead soaps carried by drugstores. Cheaper soaps claiming to eliminate blackheads usually contain around 2% salicylic acid.

    Neutrogena, best known for its glycerin soaps, has a variety of products aimed directly at blackheads. One product, the Blackhead Eliminating Scrub, has mixed reviews for its effectiveness. Editors at reviewed the scrub and felt the product made a good facial scrub but didn't have enough salicylic acid to reduce blackheads.

    Neutrogena also carries the Oil-Free Acne Wash with pink grapefruit. InStyle Magazine named the product a skincare "Best Buy" according to reviews from dermatologists. Consumers also had good things to say about this wash at

    Another well-reviewed blackhead soap, is St. Ives Apricot Scrub and Blackhead Control. One consumer with sensitive skin said she was impressed with the scrub because her blackheads disappeared without harm to her skin.

    Clearasil offers several soaps and treatments to control blackheads. Most of this product line relies on levels of salicylic acid around 2%. The Clean & Clear Blackhead Eraser Kit with foaming soap received three stars and above from consumers on

Glycerin and Sorbital

  • Higher-end soaps for treating blackheads often contain glycerin, sorbital and other natural ingredients. Glycerin and sorbitol, particularly, are proven ingredients for effectively fighting blackheads.

    DERMAdoctor's Ain't Misbehavin' Intensive Medicated Blackhead Treatment contains glycolic acid and lemon extracts. Lemon is an age-old treatment against blackheads and oily skin.

    Look for organic, all-natural bar soaps soaps usually contain the best blackhead-fighting ingredients. Mountain Ocean Mother's Special Blend bar soap, for instance, contains glycerin, sorbitol and lemon extracts. Coastal Classic Creation is another all-natural bar soap with glycerin and sorbitol.

    The Indian River Soap company has a large selection of natural soaps containing effective ingredients for treating blackheads.

    The all-natural bar soaps containing ingredients which combat blackheads may cost a little more. Indian River Soaps average around $5 per bar. Some all-glycerin soaps, however, cost as much as $8 per bar.

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