Best Drill to Prevent Wrist Rolling in Baseball


Pitchers love easy outs. And if you roll your top hand over when batting, you're an opposing pitcher's best friend. Rolling the top hand over during the swing leads to weak pull-side grounders. To stop rolling over, stay inside the baseball while punching with the top hand at the right time. The one-hand hitting drill forces you to use proper top-hand mechanics for better contact.

Things You'll Need

  • Batting tee
  • Baseballs
  • Bat
  • Batting cage or baseball net (optional)
  • Set a batting tee on the plate. Adjust the height of the tee to just above the waist. Place a baseball on the tee.

  • Grip the bat with your top hand in the middle of the barrel. Use a comfortably loose grip. Your grip will naturally tighten throughout the swing.

  • Get into your usual stance holding the bat with one hand. Put your bottom hand near the bat in the middle of your chest and get into rhythm. Bounce or rock gently in anticipation of the swing.

  • Use a short, relaxed stride and swing down at the top-inside half of the ball, using a punch. Focus on swinging primarily with your arm and not your body, keeping your shoulders and hips as stationary as possible throughout. Pinch your elbow into your stomach to stay inside the ball to hit a line drive at the pitcher's chest.

  • Assess the outcome of the swing. A grounder likely means you rolled your wrist over while a line drive means you swung perfectly. Repeat the drill as often as you'd like, or use it as a warm-up before tryouts or games.

Tips & Warnings

  • The ball will not explode off your bat as it would with two hands, so just try to volley it into the air at the pitcher's chest.
  • Repeat the drill, gripping the middle of the handle with your bottom hand to get used to staying inside the ball to prevent rollover. Use a short swing, keeping your elbow inside your hip and close to your body until contact. Move quickly with your hand to the top inside-half of the ball, leaving your hips and shoulders as stationary as possible.
  • Make sure everyone is clear of the area around you when you swing a bat or hit a baseball.

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