Japanese Eczema Cure


Eczema, also known as atopic dermatitis, appears as a red, itchy rash on your face, neck, torso, elbows, knees, wrists or hands. Eczema triggers can include stress, chemicals and foods such as peanuts, fish, wheat and eggs. Cat dander can also trigger eczema. Most remedies treat the symptoms only and are temporary. But there are Japanese remedies for eczema worth exploring.

Water Cure

Consider a Japanese water therapy for eczema that uses an electrolysis generator to break down tap water into highly acidic or highly alkaline water. Drink alkaline water with a pH of 9.5 to cure eczema from the inside of your body. Apply water with a strong acidic pH of 2.6 to your lesions and rashes, healing your eczema externally. The electrolysis generator is a medical device certified in 1965 by the Japanese Ministry of Labor and Welfare, a government division similar to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Many hospitals in Japan use this generator. It became available in the United States in 2003. In a study at Akashi Hospital in Tokyo, patients applied low-pH water to their skin and drank the high-pH water to balance their systems internally. The patients' eczema improved. No reseach on electrolyzed water has been done in the United States.

Persimmon Leaf

Take persimmon leaf extract or apply it to your skin to help heal eczema. Persimmons are the national fruit in Japan and contain the flavonoid called astragalin, which has been shown to stop the release of histimin, a chemical produced by your body as you experience an allergic reaction. Persimmon leaf extract relieves itching and other symptoms of eczema.
A 2001 study published in the Journal of Japanese Society of Nutrition and Food Science concluded that persimmon leaf extract "exerts an anti-allergic action" when applied to eczema in mice.


Take hochu-ekki-to, a traditional Japanese Kampo medicine made of extracts from herbal plants such as astragalus root, licorice, jujube, eleuthero, cang-zhu atractylodes, rhizome, fresh ginger and dong quai root. A 2002 six-month, double-blind, placebo-controlled study at the Japanese Dermatological Association for Atopic Dermatitis in Tokyo showed that hochu-ekki-to taken orally for 24 weeks had a substantial benefit. Hochu-ekki-to also reduced the dose of topical steroids generally used for eczema. Kampo medicine is a variant of traditional Chinese medicine.

Poron Poron

Another Japanese treatment advocated for eczema is Poron Poron. It was developed from 45 herbs by Dr. Dujun Tsai of Chiba University in Chiba, Japan.


Shinko is an herbal cream used for eczema. A 1999 study at the Toyama Medical and Pharmaceutical University in Japan showed that shiunko also has antibacterial properties.


Purchase Poron Poron cream and Shiunko online. The electrolysis generator for the alkaline and acidic water can also be purchased online. Buy persimmon leaf extract online or at a natural food store. Ask your doctor about hochu-ekki-to treatments for your eczema, because it is a medicine.


Consult with your doctor before taking any medicines or herbal treatments.

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