Chillow Instructions


The Chillow is a pillow, made by SoothSoft Innovations Worldwide, to which you add plain water. It is designed to then stay cool; whatever part of your body that comes in contact with it will also stay cool. When placed on top of a pillow, people who have a fever, are experiencing hot flashes or are suffering from a sunburn will welcome the coolness when they put their head on it. After the initial few minutes it takes to activate the Chillow, there is nothing left to do but enjoy it!

Activating the Chillow

  • Unroll the Chillow, valve side up, on a clean surface such as a counter top. Remove the valve cap and slowly pour in 8 or 9 cups of warm water. Snap the cap back on the valve, making sure it fits tightly so that no water escapes. Allow the Chillow to sit for 4 hours so that the cooling properties are activated. Be patient.

Rolling it Up

  • Roll up the Chillow, beginning at the end without a valve, as you would a sleeping bag. Force the air into an bubble near the valve.

Letting Out the Air

  • Hold the roll tight and lift the corner that is filled with air. Slowly uncap the valve and release every bit of air. Recap the valve to make a vacuum seal. The surface of the Chillow should have small wrinkles because of the vacuum seal.

Using Your Chillow

  • Place the Chillow on a chair or on top of a regular pillow to cool the skin that touches it. If skin comes in direct contact with the Chillow often, clean it every few weeks with a damp rag and mild soap. To make it cooler, put it in the refrigerator for 5 to 10 minutes---never put it in the freezer.

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