Care for Neon Signs


Putting a neon sign in your window is a creative way for business owners to attract clients and maintain a showcase for the company even when the business is closed. Companies that create neon signs charge a lot of money, especially for personalization; therefore it is important to maintain the sign so it may be used for many years to come.

Care from Dust

Since the bulbs must he handled extremely carefully to prevent breakage, it’s important to identify what, if any, actual problems are present with the neon sign before going on an extensive cleaning spree. The first step is to see if the sign just has dust and dirt on it. If this is the case, cleaning is very simple. First, unplug the sign. Next, take a small nylon brush (or an old sock will also work the same) and gently remove all dust particles from the sign. Be extra careful around the wires that connect the bulbs so you do not unplug anything. Next, take some room-temperature water, and use a soft sponge to gently wipe the light. Use a cloth to try the bulbs afterward before turning it back on.

Care from Nicotine Damage

If your sign was in a bar or a place where people smoked around it, there is a good chance that the sign has nicotine stains on it. This can be slightly more difficult to remove. You will need an ammonia-based cleaner that is safe to use on glass (something like Windex). Use a small cloth rag (or again a sock is fine) and dip the rag in the cleaner, but wring it out before application. Make sure the light is off again and wipe down the entire light surface with the rag. Do not use ammonia-based cleaner on the back part as it may cause the paint to chip off. A warm cloth with water is best on the back part. After the ammonia cleaner is used on the lights, gently wipe with a warm, damp cloth, then dry and then turn the light back on.

Ongoing Maintanance

While some companies that sell the signs also provide ongoing maintenance, it’s not necessary for the user to purchase these plans. Instead, just remember a few tips. Keep the signs lit 24 hours a day as that will save you electricity. Turning the light on and off takes more power for the entire device to heat up than if it is kept on at all times. Also, place the light in a position away from children, or others who might bump into it. Finally, should a light go out, take it in to repair from a professional.

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