Industrial Safety Awareness Tips


Industrial safety awareness is not something accomplished simply through creating a safety procedures manual and letting your staff know where it is located should they need it. It is a process by which you cultivate an environment of safety consciousness that is part of everyone's day-to-day activities. It is a surprisingly easy effort that is overlooked at many businesses.

Safety Greetings

  • Safety awareness begins the moment employees walk through the doors of the facility. Your small financial investment in lobby doormats brings safety to mind every day. Most safety supply businesses have a selection of mats with a different safety slogan and picture woven into them. Order two or more and rotate them. Supplement these mats with a lobby announcement board posting a safety tip that changes daily or weekly.

Safety Huddles

  • Create small teams in each functional area and task them with having short meetings, three to five minutes, to glance around the work area for potential hazards or to discuss any safety concerns. Have the teams submit a short report to their supervisor that details any findings. The supervisor can consider their participation in the safety huddles as part of employee performance reviews.

Safety Team

  • Create a safety team with the responsibility of bringing a higher level of awareness to safety and health plant-wide. Regular meetings on the shop floor will garner attention from those in the work area. Conduct weekly or monthly plant hazard audits. Several members of the safety team should tour the facility for the sole purpose of identifying and documenting potential hazards to employees. Have these audit groups ask individuals questions about safety concerns and document them for any corrective actions.

Offer Encouragement

  • Don't take for granted that employees are performing in a safe manner and utilizing appropriate safety equipment. Take the time to let them know. Consider surprising employees occasionally with a thank you card sent to their home to recognize their safety practices or for going above and beyond to bring attention to a specific safety issue.

Make Safety Enjoyable

  • You can create games to bring regular attention to industrial safety. The games don't have to require a high level of involvement. For office personnel, you might send a safety tip email early in the day. Visit a random employee's desk and ask if he can tell you the day's tip; if so, give him a gift certificate to the local supermarket or similar incentive. For shop personnel, ask what slogan is on the mat you've placed at the entrance to your facility.

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