Homemade Cold Air Intake


Cold air intakes are easy upgrades that can net significant power gains and better fuel economy. However, going online and buying overpriced pieces of metal piping with a funnel at the end can be easy, but the price tag for many is too hefty. The following is how to create a homemade air intake without having to put too much money into the project.

Taking Apart the Airbox/Installing the Intake

  • First, disconnect the top of the airbox from the car. Many cars airboxes are connected to a long pipe that runs into the intake to move the air and are connected by nothing more than a coupling that can be pulled off to disconnect the two from each other. After disconnecting the top of the airbox by the clips connecting the two pieces together and removing it, you are already halfway done.

    Once the airbox is out, you will begin fitting the cone on. A cone is the spongy air filter at the end of normal cold air intakes. You can find the cone itself at any auto parts store by simply asking the clerk. The piping that runs from the intake into the airbox is loose enough that you can slide the cone inside of the pipe and soft enough that a steel coupler can cinch the piping down onto the cone so that it will not move.

Testing the Work

  • After connecting the two with the coupler, start the car and begin revving the engine with the hood still open. The car will have a louder sound to it simply because the air is sucked in quicker, and you will hear more of an exhaust. Make sure the check engine light does not come on and, if it does, that means the coupler isn't on tight enough. Also, make sure when revving the engine that the cone does not fall off as that too will set off the check engine light.

    If there are no problems or check engine lights then you have successfully made yourself a cold air intake without spending hundreds of dollars on a name brand intake that will accomplish the same thing.

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