Home Remedies for Sun Damage on the Face


Extensive sun exposure can take its toll on skin after enough time. With elevated levels of exposure, it can cause an assortment of problems such as wrinkles, sunburn, and sun spots (small brown spots that are also known as age spots or liver spots). While these problems can be unsightly anywhere on your body, having the signs of sun damage on your face can be especially unwanted. There are ways to treat facial sun damage at home that can diminish the appearance of the damage and help your skin heal.


Sunburn is a common issue when dealing with excessive sun exposure. Sunburn means that the UV rays from the sun have damaged your skin to the point of burning, and the result can be tenderness, dryness, and peeling. Other effects are blisters, redness, nausea, and fatigue. If you experience sunburn, there are several different home treatments. If you have cucumber handy, stick one in the fridge to chill it, then slice it up and place the slices on your burns. Alternately, you can juice the cucumber and apply the juice via cotton balls to your face. In a similar way, chilled watermelon slices have cooling effects on the skin and can be applied to sunburn as well.

Mix up a paste to apply to your face made of calamine powder and either rosewater or cucumber juice. Apply liberally to your face and let it set for a few minutes before washing off. Sandalwood powder paste can be used as well, if you mix the powder with rosewater, watermelon juice, or cucumber juice. Olive oil and vinegar combined can work to treat sunburn. Put this mixture on your face a few hours prior to bath time for best results. Buttermilk can be used on the skin as a soothing agent. Whip up a batch of ice cubes made from watermelon juice, cucumber juice, or rosewater and place it in a cloth to press on your face to help heal sunburn.


Wrinkles are another side effect of too much sun. Treating wrinkles with home remedies is fairly simple. Rub castor oil on your face daily to minimize wrinkles. You may also take a grape half and rub it against your face so that the juice soaks in. Let it set for 20 minutes before rinsing and air-drying your face. Take a green pineapple, an apple and juice them both. Take the juice and apply it to your face, leaving it on for 15 minutes. Once it sets in, rinse it off. You can also combine turmeric powder and sugarcane juice, then apply the resulting paste to your face for wrinkle control. Staying properly hydrated can help your skin combat wrinkles naturally, as can eating plenty of fruits and vegetables daily.

Sun Spots

The brown spots known as sun spots that can appear on your face may also be treated through natural remedies. As with wrinkles, castor oil can help diminish the appearance of sun spots when rubbed into skin daily. Aloe vera, either in juice or gel form, is another solution to sun spots. Take a lemon and cut it in half, then rub one half over your sun spots in order to make them lighter. Apple cider vinegar and onion juice work in the same way. Juice an onion and be sure to strain out the solid parts. Mix one part vinegar with one part onion juice and rub this solution into the sun spots directly each day to lighten them. It may take up to six weeks of this daily regimen before you see a change.

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