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Degreasers can be used for a variety of purposes in the home and garage, from cleaning up kitchen countertops, stoves, and floors to cleaning auto parts. There are many degreasers on the market that are effective and safe to use on various surfaces, but there are also some easy ways to make equally effective degreasers at home.

Sudsy Ammonia

  • Sudsy ammonia is a common product that can be used as the base ingredient of a homemade degreaser, according to ThrifyFun.com.
    Combine one cup of sudsy ammonia with a quart of rubbing alcohol and one tsp. of dishwashing liquid. Pour the contents into a gallon container and add enough water to make a full gallon. Do not use empty bleach containers to mix this solution as the mixture of bleach and ammonia can cause an explosion or potentially fatal vapors.
    Use your finished degreaser solution in clean spray bottles for cleaning vent hoods, stoves, ovens or other places where grease and grime have accumulated.

Engine Cleaner

  • If you own a motorcycle or an automobile that you like to keep looking sharp, you probably want to remove the buildup that occurs on the engine from time to time.
    Mix one part diesel fuel or kerosene to four parts ofwater and add a few drops of dishwashing liquid to make an excellent homemade engine cleaner, according to Total Motorcycle Forums.
    This concoction will not be much use as a household cleaner, but for the grease and oil that cakes on auto parts, this solution will get them back to looking new or barely used.
    For engines, spray the cleaner on while the engine is still warm and use a parts brush to remove the excess grease. Hose down the engine with water to rinse away all the cleaner and grime.

Vinegar Degreaser

  • Three common household ingredients will make an all-purpose degreaser that will cost just pennies to create.
    Simply pour one part white vinegar and one part water into a clean spray bottle and add two or three drops of dishwashing liquid to form a useful degreaser for home use. This mixture is safe around food preparation areas and there are no environmental concerns to worry about. This degreaser can even be used to clean cutting boards and other kitchen equipment without the worry of food contamination. Spray the degreaser on the surface, wipe down with a clean towel and rinse with water.

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