Food Diet of Wild Rabbits


Wild rabbits are often found orphaned in nature. Sometimes their parents are killed or a house pet such as a dog or cat will catch a baby rabbit and injure it. No matter the circumstances, many people find it hard to walk away and not nurse the little creatures back to health. Knowing a wild rabbit's diet is important if you are going to play nature's nursemaid. A rabbit's diet is an interesting mix of hay, dried grasses and vegetables.


  • One important part of a wild rabbit's diet is hay. Important for intestinal health, it is a mainstay of a rabbit's diet. They search it out in open fields and pastures. They prefer grass hays like timothy, oat and wheat but will also graze in fields of alfalfa and clover hays.


  • Wild rabbits do love their veggies and can often be found raiding your garden. Greens such as turnip greens, collard greens and spinach are especially good for them and are a favorite food. Cabbage and lettuce from the garden are not only good for wild rabbits but extremely tasty to them. They generally prefer green, leafy veggies and shy away from tomatoes and other fleshy garden items.


  • Water is a must for wild rabbits and every other living thing. A lack of water can lead to dehydration and can cause intestinal problems for wild rabbits also. Another condition caused by a lack of water, called ileus, can be fatal. You can place a ceramic bowl of water for them to drink from or use a rodent water bottle. If the rabbit is very young, you may want to use a dropper.


  • Wild rabbits will not usually eat fresh fruit. Not only will it give them intestinal problems, but they prefer the taste of vegetables over fruits. However, In small amounts it is harmless.

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