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Cleaning gutters is a difficult and time-consuming task for most home owners. Since it typically requires climbing on a ladder, it can also be dangerous. Fortunately, there are ways you can clean your gutters quickly and easily without risk of injury. Some ideas for homemade gutter cleaners that can help you keep your gutters free of debris without the usual hassles.

One-Story Gutter Cleaner

  • If you have a one-story home, simply purchase an 8-foot section of ½-inch PVC pipe, two 90-degree elbows, an end cap and a threaded adapter. Cut two 4-inch sections of the pipe with a hack saw. Fasten the first elbow to the long section of pipe with primer and contact cement. Insert one of the 4-inch pieces into the other end of the elbow.

    Fasten the other 4-inchsection to the other end of the second elbow. You should have a U-shaped pipe assembly. Glue the end cap to the open end of this section. Drill three small holes in the end cap.

    Fasten the threaded adapter to the open end of the long pipe section. This threaded adapter will connect to your garden hose. Insert the capped end of your PVC pipe into your gutters at an angle and turn the hose on. The holes in the cap will create a high-pressure washing system that will blast leaves and debris out of your gutters.

Modified One-Story Gutter Cleaner

  • If you want to make gutter cleaning an even easier task, attach a 45-degree elbow to the end of the second short PVC section. Add a 2-inch section of PVC pipe to the other end of this elbow and fasten the cap. The short angled section will eliminate the need to hold your assembly at an angle when cleaning your gutters.

Two-Story Gutter Cleaner

  • The same type of assembly can be used to clean the gutters on a two-story home. Instead of using ½-inch pipe, choose ¾-inch PVC pipe. This will give your assembly the additional rigidity needed to control the motion of the gutter cleaner. You will need two 8-foot sections of PVC pipe fastened with a straight connector. Keep in mind that your PVC elbows, threaded adapter and end cap will need to accommodate ¾-inch PVC pipe. You will still only need to drill three holes in the end cap to create a high pressure gutter washing assembly.

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