Stomach Exercises for the Disabled

A person who has a physical disability contends with many physical limitations that may involve feelings of pain and numbness. The key for those with disabilities is to cater exercises to physical limitations. You may need to incorporate rubber bands, wrist and ankle weights, or dumbbells. Depending upon the degree of disability, you can modify the exercises by performing them while lying down on the floor or sitting in a chair. Talk to a doctor or physical therapist before embarking on an exercise program to ensure the program suits your individual needs and condition.

  1. Crunches

    • Crunches are stomach exercises that can be performed by lifting the shoulders off the floor. This motion causes the abdominal muscles to flex, which further strengthens the area. According to, another option is to lift your hips off the floor, called a reverse crunch. This will also flex your abdominal muscles. If you are seated, bend forward slightly and flex your stomach muscles. Hold this for 10 seconds. Repeat these 10 times and you will feel the muscles working.

    Chair Exercises

    • Depending upon the type of disability you have, Yoga may provide benefits in strengthening your stomach area. According to, if you want to tone the upper stomach start by sitting at the edge of a chair. Place your arms to the sides while straightening your back. Contract your abdominal muscles. Lean back slowly so that you feel your upper back contacting the back of the chair. If you want to tone the lower abdomen, hold on to the armrest of the chair while raising your knees in front of you to chin level. If this exercise is too difficult, raise only one knee in front of you at a time.

    Resistance Band and Yoga Exercises

    • Place a resistance band over a doorknob and sit in a chair facing the opposite direction. Do a crunch while sitting and bend forward while holding the band over your shoulder. This will stretch the band. You'll feel your stomach muscles contract, which targets the upper stomach area.

      According to, for a lower abdominal exercise, try a yoga "Cat Pose." This can be done by placing both palms and knees on the floor (as if you're going to crawl). Tuck your lower abdomen in by arching your back. Imagine a cat doing this. Then, tilt your head back so your face is pointing to the ceiling. Return to the starting position. This exercise can be modified for a chair by sitting on the edge with your back straight and arms resting on thighs or at sides. Again, arch your back and look straight up to the ceiling. As with most yoga exercises, breathing with conscious inhalations and exhalations helps keep oxygen circulating throughout the body.

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