Wheatgrass Hangover Remedy


After a long night of partying, most people wake up the next morning and go straight to the local cafe in search of greasy eggs and bacon. To some, a greasy breakfast and a few cups of coffee is the consummate cure for a hangover. However, there is a much faster and healthier way to nurse that headache.

A Double Shot of Wheatgrass

  • Close your eyes, plug your nose and down a double shot of wheatgrass to kick that nasty hangover. You may be tempted to pass on this thick green liquid, but bear in mind that the wheatgrass will quickly cleanse your liver and balance out the acidity in the alcohol that was consumed. Moreover, it speeds up your digestion so that the alcohol will pass rapidly through your system.

Improving the Taste

  • If you cannot stomach the taste of the wheatgrass, do not give up on this cure. Simply add the wheatgrass to a homemade fruit smoothie. Chop up whatever fruit you have on hand. Then put the fruit in a blender with some ice cubes and plain yogurt. Add the wheatgrass and blend until the mixture reaches the desired consistency for a delicious hangover cure. Of course, if you have a headache already, running a blender may be unbearable. In that case, just mix the wheatgrass with whatever fruit juice you have in the refrigerator.

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