The Best Diet & Exercise Regimen to Lose Pounds Fast


The fastest way to lose pounds is to follow a healthy diet plan and regular exercise routine. Fad diets and diet pills that promise quick weight loss might work in the beginning, but in the long run they can actually make a person gain even more weight. Not to mention these questionable dieting programs can potentially damage a person's health. The combination of a healthy diet and routine cardiovascular exercise is a time-honored and effective method of losing weight.


Add fiber to your diet to help burn off excess fat and lose weight. A recent study conducted by Dr. Jaimie N. Davis of the University of Southern California in Los Angeles concluded that increased fiber intake resulted in a decrease in the amount of body fat, particularly in the tough-to-tone stomach area. Adding as little as six grams of fiber a day to your diet can have a significant impact on weight loss, according to Davis. Moreover, increased daily fiber intake also can reduce the risk of cardiovascular illnesses and diabetes and improve bowel movements. Fiber can be found in vegetables such as carrots and cabbage, fruit such as apples and oranges, whole-wheat cereals, bran and oatmeal. Try to snack on raw fruits and vegetables and avoid artificial sweets.

In addition to adding fiber to your diet, eat lean meats and leafy green vegetables whenever you can. Avoid greasy foods like fried chicken and hamburgers, as well as sugar-rich drinks like soda and juice from concentrate.


Exercise is instrumental in promoting weight loss by helping to burn off extra calories. The basic formula for weight loss is to expend more calories than a you consume. Cardiovascular exercise, such as swimming, cycling, hiking, jogging and power walking, is the ideal type of exercise for maximum weight loss. It is recommended that these types of exercises be done at least three times a week for 30 to 60 minutes for best results. An increase in heart rate and some light sweating might be noted. These are signs that you are gaining the major benefits of the activity and are more likely to lose pounds fast.

You can take a mathematical approach to weight loss. For example, a pound equals approximately 3,500 calories, and an hour of brisk walking burns between 200 to 350 calories–depending on a person's weight (running and cycling burn more). As little as five hours of brisk walking a week can help you burn about 1,000 calories. When combined with a sensible, low-calorie diet, this formula can help you lose a couple of pounds a week.

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