Straight Urinary Catheter Procedures


A urinary catheter is a tube that is place inside a man or women to drain or collect the urine from the bladder. A urine bag is attached to the drainage system to collect the urine. There are several different types, and sizes of urinary catheters that are used for many reasons such as leaky urine, cannot urinate when you want to, or for medical reasons such as dementia.

Types of Catheters

  • Three main types of catheters are called the indwelling, condom, and intermittent or short-term catheter. The indwelling is left in the bladder and can be use either for short or long term. It is also called suprapubic catheter, and the procedure is done the same day. A condom catheter look a like device that does not have a tube that goes directly in the penis, instead it has a cloth that goes over the penis, fastened with a tube to the drainage bag. It must be taken off, and a clean one put on the patient daily. The Intermittent catheters are used short term, and removed after the urination has ceased.

Items Needed for Catheterization Procedures

  • Collect everything you need for the procedure. You will need surgical gloves, lubricant, and a syringe to make the balloon puff up, cleaning supplies, and a holder to collect the urine.

Urinary Catheter Procedure Step One

  • Hands must be washed thoroughly and put on the sterile gloves. Wash the vagina opening using downwards strokes. Stay away from the anal area. Open up the labia, and find the meatus, which is the opening below the clitoris and above the vagina.

Urinary Catheter Procedure Step Two

  • Gradually, install the catheter tube into the slot. Once you see the urine into the tube, insert a little bit more. Hold the tubing and while it puffs up the balloon. Fasten the bag after securing the catheter. Inserting a catheter is basically the same procedure as a woman's.

Urinary Catheter Procedure Final Step

  • The procedure is the same except, that for a man, you hold the penis on the side upright. Stretch the penis away from the body. Insert the catheter tubing, and slowly insert the catheter tubing. After the urine starts continue at the level of the Y connector. Insert the syringe into the tube and puff up the balloon. Fasten the drainage bag, and secure the catheter.

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