Cheap Way to Kill Grass


You have many outdoor landscaping projects on your plate. From patching your concrete driveway to finishing the rock garden, the outdoor projects keep coming. One project that you want to complete this weekend is killing a patch of grass so you can use that area for something else. Commercial grass chemicals may not be an option. You want a cheap way to kill the grass and kill it fast. All you need is some table salt and a Sunday newspaper—the grass will die in less than a week.

Applying Salt

To begin killing the unwanted grass, sprinkle a generous amount of table salt over the area of grass you want to destroy. Make sure you don't get the salt on areas of grass you don't want to kill. Work in sections if the area you want to kill is large. Note, the salt will destroy the grass permanently.

Also, check your area's weather forecast. You don't want to apply salt to any area of your lawn if rain is a possibility. The salt could flow on to areas of grass you don't want to destroy.

Applying Newspaper

After the application of table salt, spray the area of grass lightly with water and lay eight to 10 sheets of newspaper on top of the grass. Overlap the sheets and make sure the entire area is covered. The sheets of newspaper will help smother the grass as the salt is killing it at the ground level. Once you have covered the area of grass in newspaper, spray the area again with water. If you have some plywood (or other flat sheets of material), lay it on top of the newspaper to keep the paper from blowing away.

The grass will die within one week, and then you can remove the newspaper and rake or scrape up the dead grass.


Do not sprinkle the salt onto any concrete surface. The salt will deteriorate the concrete over time. If you do accidentally sprinkle some salt on a concrete patio or other concrete surface, wash it off immediately with a hose.

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