Homemade Wrist Weights


Wrist weights are a great way to add extra resistance to your workout. Wear weights on your wrist while working out to increase the challenge of the workout and add extra toning to your muscles. It is easy to make your own wrist weights at home using simple, inexpensive supplies such as sand, duct tape, and an inner tube.


  • The key material needed to make your own wrist weights is a bicycle inner tube. Inner tubes are ideal for wrist weights because they are small and thin, and make a nice, circular shape when they are finished. They are also very flexible, yet still made of durable rubber, so they won't develop holes or burst open. Sand is the other major component needed to make weights for your wrists. Sand adds the weight to the inner tube, and can be added in small or large increments for minor or major adjustments to the weight. Other supplies needed are scissors, a shovel or scoop, a funnel, and a scale.


  • To make your own wrist weights, simply cut the inner tube in half to make two equal lengths of tubing. After tying the end of one piece of inner tube, fill it with sand to the desired weight. Popular wrist weight increments are 3, 5, or 8 lbs. Fill the tube halfway with sand the first time you make the wrist weights to test how much they weigh. After you make a few sets of weights, you will be able to tell by eyeballing the inner tube. To reduce the mess, insert a funnel into the top of the inner tube so you can easily pour sand in with the shovel. If not, sand will fall around the opening of the tube. When you have added enough sand, tie the other end of the tube in a knot, and then tie both ends together, forming a circle. If you want the weight to be a little more secure, wrap duct tape around the knots, or around the entire weight to prevent leaks.


  • Wear the wrist weights during your normal workout to increase the resistance, and further tone your arms. Use the weights during aerobics classes, boxing, running, or even on the elliptical. Make a few sets of wrist weights so that you can add or reduce the amount of additional weight, or you can wear two sets together for a truly custom amount of weight. If you are weight training, hang the wrist weights over each end of the weight bar to add a little more resistance.

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