Fluorescent Light Dizziness Cure


The flickering of florescent lights inside offices and schools can cause dizziness, which is similar to that of vertigo, and cause people to feel sick and uncomfortable. As more people are effected by this symptom of indoor lighting, there are a number of ways to keep it from happening that can easily be employed.

Go Outside Regularly

When florescent lights affect you, take regular breaks to keep the dizzy spells from happening. These breaks should entail going outside, walking around and breathing fresh air. Cutting back on the amount of florescent light that your eye absorbs throughout the day will help cut back if not cure your dizzy spells. Natural light is good for your eyes, as is the fresh air.

Cut Back on Stimulants

Coffee, tea and other caffeinated beverages will make your body more sensitive to motion. So things moving around you, combined with the florescent lights and their subtle flickering can trigger this dizziness. Drink more water or beverages that will hydrate your body; this should cut back or even cure the dizzy spells. This will also get you up from your desk to go to the restroom more, which will give your eyes a rest.

Cut Back on Salt

Sometimes too much salt can cause dizzy spells as too much salt in the diet causes the body to retain fluid, which can disrupt the workings of the inner ear. Consume less than 2,000mg of salt per day, if possible, which is about the amount of salt in one cheeseburger. This will also help your general health by putting you on a better diet. If dizzy spells persist, however, consult your physician.

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