Natural Ways to Clear Up Face Rash

A face rash can be a localized rash that is only present on the face and not anywhere else on the body or the extension of a rash from other parts of the body. The main causes of a localized rash are bacterial infections and skin sensitivity, but there can be other causes. Rashes can be painful or itchy and vary in color from brown, purple, red or white. They can be raised, flat, dry or moist, and commonly include swelling and blisters. Treatment depends on the root cause of the rash.

  1. Rosacea

    • Rosacea usually affects the cheeks, chin and nose. It reddens the skin with a burning sensation and often has small pimples. The causes are most often spicy food, drinking alcohol, exposure to too much heat or sun and getting upset. There is no cure for Rosacea, but the effects can be reduced naturally. Use SPF 15 or higher sun block, avoid scrubbing the face, stay cool and use cool compresses if needed. Also, any extreme temperature is harmful, and avoid alcohol-based face products and hot drinks, spicy food, caffeine and alcoholic beverages.

    Poisonous Plants

    • Poison oak, sumac and ivy have a sap resin that is highly allergenic and can cause allergic rashes in most people who touch it. Flush with water at the first sign of a rash and only after that, use soap. Using soap first will spread the resin to other areas of the body. Cool water and cooked oatmeal compresses for 20 minutes several times a day relieves the itching and inflammation.


    • Acne is the inflammation of the hair follicles and oil-producing glands of the skin. It begins in puberty for about 80 percent of all teenagers. Skin cells are not shed normally so they block the hair follicles trapping the sebum that forms there. Bacteria, which is normally in the hair follicle multiplies and forms a pimple. Dr. Jeffrey Dach, from, has found that vitamin therapy works to eliminate acne. Pantethine or Vitamin B5, when taken in large doses or combined with L-Carnitine to reduce the dosage, removes the acne. These speed up fatty acid metabolism and reduce oil build-up in the skin, which is the main cause of acne.

    Heat Rash

    • Overheating causes several skin problems generically called heat rash. It can disappear within a day but may cause a burning sensation. To relieve the symptoms, wash your face with a mild soap several times a day. Stay in a cool place with plenty of ventilation. Go somewhere that you can rest in air conditioning if it isn't possible at home. Apply packages of frozen food or cool packs for 20 minutes every hour. Drink plenty of water to cool and rehydrate the body. Do not apply fragranced lotions or creams to your face until the rash is gone.

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