Physical Therapy Treatment for Balance Problems at Home

Physical therapy exercises are helpful for your body to relearn something it already knew how to do before some event (such as a major car accident or a stroke) occurred that caused the body to forget. Following a stroke or other head injury, you may experience problems with your balance. By doing a few physical therapy exercises at home, you can improve it.

  1. Coordination and Balance Exercise

    • According to's Online Manual on Physical Therapy (see References 1), balance exercises can be as simple as swaying from one foot to the other (left and right, initially and then working to put weight on the back of the feet) and having a person bend over to reach an object. In the clinical setting, these exercises are done with the aid of a physical therapist and a set of parallel bars. If you want to perform this exercise at home, ask a friend to come over and help you during the first few days or weeks of your physical therapy.

      To form a set of parallel bars, set up a row of chairs (so long as they are sturdy enough to support your weight without tipping over) so that you can grip a chair on either side of yourself. To improve your balance, stand between two chairs. Slowly shift your weight to the right side of your body and then back to the left. Work slowly until you are comfortable with this motion. Then, work on shifting your weight to the back of your foot. Have your friend close by in case you lose your balance. Eventually, you will not need the chairs or your friend and you can practice the exercises on your own as your balance improves.

    Knee Raises

    • As your balance improves, try other exercises. One such exercise involves raising your knees to your chest (one at a time) and holding the position for a brief time. To do this, use a chair when you are first starting out. Hold the chair with one arm and use the other arm for balance. Slowly lift one of your legs so that your knee comes up to your chest (go as high as you can go without losing your balance). Hold your knee in the air for a brief second and then slowly bring it back down. Repeat with the other leg. Work at this until you can do a knee raise without the aid of a chair.

    Alternative Balance Exercises

    • According to, some alternative balance physical therapy exercises include practicing yoga or tai chi in your home. Yoga and tai chi are exercises that involve a series of bodily movements and focus heavily on the accuracy of the movements. As such, they are a great way to improve balance problems. Practice yoga or tai chi at home with the aid of DVD exercise tapes. These tapes are available at your local bookstore or you can find them over the Internet. As with any balance exercise, work slowly at first and gradually work into the more advanced techniques.

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