What Cures Vaginal Itching?


Vaginal itching is not uncommon, but it should not be taken lightly. Several factors can contribute to vaginal itching, including dryness or infection. It is important to identify the cause of the problem, because that will dictate what cures vaginal itching.

Common Causes of Vaginal Itching

The most common causes of vaginal itching are bacteria, general vaginal dryness or an underlying infection (usually yeast, which is a fungus).


Bacterial vaginosis is a common cause of vaginal itching. It occurs when the normal balance of bacteria in the vagina is upset, and there is an overgrowith of harmful bacteria. Symptoms include itching, painful or burning urination, unpleasant odors, and discharge. Treatment usually consists of antibiotics, which can be prescribed by a gynecologist.

Vaginal Dryness

Vaginal dryness develops as the vagina's natural lubrication decreases with age. This condition, attributable primarily to low estrogen levels, causes burning and itching. One of the simplest steps to deal with this condition is to drink more water to stay fully hydrated. Beyond that, over-the-counter vaginal moisturizers and prescription estrogen therapy are options.

Yeast Infection

Excessive yeast in the vagina produces symptoms similar to bacterial vaginosis: painful itching, burning and some discharge. Sometimes these infections can be triggered by poorly ventilated or tight clothing. Antibiotics can also increase yeast production. The most common treatment is over-the-counter medications such as Vagisil. Consult a gynecologist for proper diagnosis.

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