Organic Hemorrhoid Removal

Hemorrhoids are swollen veins in the anus and rectum, which can cause itching, burning, and other uncomfortable sensations. According to Mayo Clinic staff, half of all adults will experience hemorrhoids by age 50. Remedies include commercial over-the-counter preparations and, in severe cases, surgical approaches.

Prevention, home remedies and organic remedies can potentially aid most common hemorrhoids, but it is important to see a doctor whenever hemorrhoids involve pain or bleeding, or when hemorrhoids do not respond to home treatment within a few days, but prevention, home remedies and organic treatments can potentially aid most common hemorrhoids.

  1. Prevention

    • The best method of hemorrhoid removal is to prevent their appearance with healthful lifestyle choices. A diet high in fiber from eating organic fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, together with adequate clean water and citric fruit juices, will keep bowel movements softer and more regular, avoiding the strain which can cause rectal veins to form hemorrhoids. Exercise and avoiding long periods of either standing or sitting without motion can potentially prevent a hemorrhoid from getting worse.

    Topical Treatment

    • Several natural topical treatments can instantly ease the discomfort of hemorrhoids. These include witch hazel, which is a distillation of the flowers and budding leaves of the plant Hamamelis virginiana. A number of companies including Thayer's and offer organic witch hazel which assures a clean, chemical-free product for application to sensitive tissues.

      Organic apple cider vinegar is another option for topical hemorrhoid treatment, as is horse chestnut tea. Dilute any of these liquids with cool, clean water, soak a washcloth, and apply to the anal region after careful cleaning with warm soap and water. Be sure to use a gentle, diluted solution, as any of these topical treatments can be irritating to the very sensitive tissues of the anus if left in too strong a concentration. A small gauze pad or cotton ball soaked with any of these treatments can also be tucked just into the anal opening and left there to be replaced at the next bathroom visit.

    Internal Treatment

    • Bioflavonoids found in citrus fruits help strengthen blood vessel walls and can reduce hemorrhoids and prevent their recurrence. Eating fresh, organic citrus fruit adds fiber to the diet and provides bioflavonoids to remove hemorrhoids naturally. Tea made from pomegranate peels, or drinking pomegranate juice, is also a common internal hemorrhoid remedy.

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