Homemade Pepper Spray


Pepper spray is a great weapon of self-defense to use when faced with a dangerous situation. Pepper spray is made out of the juice extracted from chili peppers. If sprayed on the face of a would-be attacker it can temporarily incapacitate him by causing extreme pain, particularly the eyes. While the attacker is rolling around in pain, you will have the chance to run and call for help. Pepper spray is made from natural ingredients and can be made right in your own kitchen.

Ingredients for Homemade Pepper Spray

Homemade pepper spray is made from ingredients found around the kitchen. You will need chili peppers or any other kind of pepper that you think is the hottest kind. You will also need black pepper to add a coughing effect to your pepper spray.

The materials that you will need are a mortar and pestle, a pot, strainer and a funnel. You will also need safety goggles and gloves to protect your eyes and hands. The chili juice can cause an intense burning sensation, which is exactly what you want in your pepper spray but you don’t want it in your eyes, so take extra care when working with chili. Lastly, you will need a spray bottle to put the finished pepper spray in.

Making the Pepperspray

Place the chili pepper with a little water in a pestle and crush with the mortar until the seeds come out. Then you can add the black pepper and continue crushing until you get an even consistency in the mixture. Boil the mixture in a pot until the water and the pepper mixture are thoroughly incorporated, which will take about 10 to 15 minutes. You may also add hot chili sauce to give it more spice.

After the finished pepper spray has cooled down, pass it through a strainer to remove all the floating pieces of pepper and seeds. Pour the final product into the spray bottle with the help of a funnel to avoid spills. Now, your pepper spray is ready to use. Since it is made out of fresh chili, it will have a maximum shelf life of about two weeks. It is very simple to make so you can just make it again after it has spoiled.

Know When to Use Pepperspray

Before you use pepper spray on anybody, make sure that there are no regulations against the use of pepper spray in your area. Even if it may not cause permanent harm, it should still be used with care. It is not right to use pepper spray on anybody with just a little provocation.

You must assess each situation, be sure that the person you are about to spray with pepper spray is really posing a threat to your life. It is right to be suspicious with unseemly persons in the streets but one must not be trigger happy with a pepper spray. If the person is really threatening your life then it is time to take out your pepper spray to defend yourself. While he is screaming in pain, run and call for help.

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