What to Feed a Non-Eating Dog


Discomfort, pain, fear, anxiety or stress may all lead to a dog refusing to eat or drink. Developing a strategy for getting your dog to eat again is important, as many dogs can die from dehydration and starvation. A dog's refusal to eat is nearly always a sign of some underlying problem. According to sarahsdogs.com, ruling out medical problems is an important first step in this process.

Baby Food

  • Beech Nut is a type of baby food that has a variety that contains only meat, making it an excellent food substitute for a dog that will not eat. Beech Nut baby food is easy for animals to consume because it is soft and creamy, and has an attractive smell to dogs. Purchase jars of this baby food variety from a local grocer.

Human Food

  • Giving "people food" to a dog is not always wise when it comes to nutrition. As a treat or an incentive to eat, however, it is a popular option. Offering human food such as skinless chicken, hamburger meat, cottage cheese, rice, or cold cuts will prevent the dog from becoming sicker by providing some nutrition when it is refusing to eat its normal food.

Nutri Cal

  • Feed Nutri Cal as a sugar and calorie substitute. Offering sugar in this way will prevent the dog from becoming hypoglycemic, which will prevent him or her from becoming weaker or more lethargic. Nutri Cal is available from most veterinarians and pet stores. Another substitute that is available is regular maple syrup, which also provides the sugar content necessary.


  • It is essential to provide plenty of water for a dog that refuses to eat. Dehydration can cause the animal to quickly go from sick to critically ill in only a matter of hours. Tempt the dog to a drink by offering a meat broth, which will offer not only hydration value but also some calories for an increase in nutrition as well.

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