Procedure to Help Stuffy Nose


Stuffy nose, also called nasal congestion, is usually caused by either a cold or sinus infection. It can also be the result of allergies (in this case you have to identify the source of the allergy for true relief). The feeling is similar to having a blockage in your nasal passage. Mucus gathers and the membranes swell, which interferes with your breathing and ability to smell. Start simple procedures immediately to help get rid of a stuffy nose.


Hot steam is a very effective way to relax congestion because it restores moisture in the nose. Set your face in front of a humidifier and allow the steam to enter your nasal passages for about 20 minutes. If you do not have a humidifier, go to your bathroom, close the windows, and run a hot water shower. Sit in the steam of the bathroom for at least a half an hour to help loosen up the congestion. You can also boil a pot of hot water — keep your face at least a foot away from the water for safety.


Drinking tea is a simple, natural way to release stuffiness in your nose for two reasons. For one, the antioxidants in some teas, like green tea, help fight the infection that could be the cause of the stuffy nose. Ephedra sinica tea is also an effective natural decongestant. Additionally, the steam from a hot cup of tea will ascend into your nose as you drink it, loosening up the pressure in the same way that a humidifier does.


Over-the-counter nasal decongestants are a temporary solution to a stuffy nose. Decongestant medications contain substances like pseudo ephedrine (found in Sudafed) that help shrink swollen membranes. They come in both liquid and spray or inhaler form. If you have congestion in combination with allergy symptoms like sneezing, coughing, and runny nose, take an antihistamine. Take these products as directed or whenever you feel the stuffiness return.


Certain food and drinks can aggravate a stuffy nose, so modify your diet to get rid of the problem. Stop eating chocolates and sweets because they can aggravate the swollen membranes. Avoid alcoholic drinks while you are congested, because the tyramine and tannin in these drinks can magnify the feeling of blockage in your sinuses.

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