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Your dog cannot tell you when she is feeling sick, nor can she tell you what will make her feel better. As a dog owner you have to be alert for subtle changes and have an idea of what will make those sad doggy eyes alert once more. If you suspect your dog is nauseated, there are some home remedies you can try to soothe her troubled tummy.


Keep your dog from becoming nauseated as best as you can by feeding him several small meals a day instead of one big meal and by feeding him the most natural dog diet you can feed him. You can further protect his digestive tract by keeping him free of parasites (raw garlic in his diet is one way to do this) and by not allowing him to eat garbage he may find on walks or in the yard. If your dog becomes nauseated on car trips or during exercise, be sure not to feed him before these activities.

Diet Remedies

Determine if your dog is nauseated by watching for symptoms. Your dog may be producing a lot of saliva. This will cause her to lick her lips and swallow frequently. Belching is another sign of canine nausea, as is vomiting. You can withhold food for up to 24 hours for your nauseated dog, but provide a fresh supply of water because vomiting can quickly dehydrate her. Try feeding her bland foods such as rice, potatoes and boiled chicken meat when she is ready to eat again.

Herbal Remedies

Mix herbs into your dog's bland diet to relieve her symptoms. In the wild a dog would seek out herbs to eat to relieve his nausea. Peppermint is one herb that is known to soothe an upset stomach. The leaves of the peppermint plant can be eaten raw. You can also make peppermint tea from the leaves. Gentian and St. John's wort are two other herbs that may ease your dog's nausea. Check with your veterinarian before giving your dog an herbal remedy. Also check with your vet if your dog's nausea persists or causes your dog to become listless and dull-coated. Although nausea is common and usually benign in dogs, nausea can be symptomatic of a serious condition.

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