Core Fat Burning Exercises

The core of the body is a term that is used to describe the abdominal and back regions. For both men and women, body fat tends to accumulate in the core. According to the University of Michigan, belly fat is linked to heart disease - so ridding fat from your core can help reduce the likelihood of heart-related complications.

  1. Kickboxing

    • According to Fitness Magazine, kickboxing has the ability to burn up to 500 calories within a single hour. Throughout the movements of this exercise, the core is constantly engaged as the body must maintain balance while kicking and punching. Kickboxing is composed of movements that are associated with martial arts, boxing and aerobics, which will swiftly raise the heart rate to use stored fat as energy. While kickboxing will isolate the core to burn fat and build muscle, it is a high-impact workout, thus people with weak joints or those who are recovering from an injury may find that this type of exercise is unsuitable. Speak with your physician before starting a kickboxing routine to ensure its safety.

    Kickboxing Movements

    • There are a total of four main upper body movements within a standard kickboxing routine. These movements all involve extending the arms, thus it is vital that you pay special attention to proper form.

      Twisting Jab -- Stand with your right foot in front of the left foot and bring your arms up to your chest while keeping your hands in a fist. As you jab your right arm forward, slightly twist your right foot to the right as you follow through with the punch. Involve your core by twisting at your hips as well.

      Cross -- Stand with your right foot slightly in front of the left and bring your arms up in the standard kickboxing position. The cross is just that: as you extend your right arm, cross it to the left as your hip, knee and left foot cross to the same direction.

      Hook -- Stand in the traditional fighting stance with your right foot in front of the left. Turn your right knee, hip, arm and shoulder to the left as you punch your right arm from left to right. Swiftly return back to the starting position.

      Uppercut -- Stand in the same fighting stance as above, with your right foot forward. Keep your right hand parallel with the bottom of your rib cage and perform the movement by punching your right arm straight up and slightly away from your body. As you punch, twist your body to the left to engage your core muscles. Return back to the starting position before repeating.

      There are two main lower body maneuvers within kickboxing. Both of these movements will engage the abdominals as well as hip flexors to fully isolate the core.

      Front Kick -- Stand with your right foot ahead of your left and keep your fists up near your face. Shift all of your body weight to your left leg while your right leg is slightly bent at the knee. Lift the right leg into the air by leading with your knee and kick the leg while maintaining full control of your leg.

      Side Kick -- Stand with your body weight resting on your left leg and your right leg turned out to the side. This will require a twist within your torso toward the right. As you lift your right leg through the knee, slightly lean the body to the left and forcefully kick the right leg out to the side.

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