Kohler Small Engine Troubleshooting

Kohler Company is known not only for its plumbing equipment but also its small engines for yard maintenance equipment. Like any mechanical device, they can malfunction if not maintained properly. Knowing how to troubleshoot your engine properly may save money and time.

  1. Engine Will Not Crank

    • If the engine will not crank when you are trying to start it, check that all the liquids are filled to the correct level. If so, check the electrical devices. Check that the battery connector is attached properly. If it is, check the battery charge. Make sure the starting fuse is in working condition by trying a known good fuse. The starting fuse's location can be found by checking the owner's manual for your specific engine. If the fuse is functioning properly, check that the safety switch is wired properly and that there is no damage. A faulty safety switch will not allow the engine to turn on.


    • If there is a backfire, a loud pop with smoke or an engine shutdown, you may have water in the gas tank. Check the fuel. If your engine takes an oil/gas mixture, check that the mixture is correct. A mix that is too rich or too lean in either gas or oil will cause backfiring. Check that your choke is in the correct position as well. An open throttle at gill throttle will cut off the engine. Check that all the valves are free of leaks.

    Electrical Problems

    • If the battery will not hold a charge, check to make sure the ground wire is attached properly. A loose or worn ground wire will cause the engine to lose power. The battery may also be faulty. If the electrical system is constantly blowing fuses, check that all the electrical leads in the engine are free of pinching. The alternator may also need servicing. If the engine continues to run even when it is switched off, check that the ignition kill switch is not faulty and that all the lead wires are free of damage and are not pinched.

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