Home Remedy for Removing Toenails


Toenails are often removed due to an injury that has damaged the toenail or the nail bed underneath. Toenails are usually removed by a physician, but they can also be removed at home, either by the person who needs the toenail removed or by someone else.

How to Remove a Toenail

  • You will need the following supplies in order to remove a toenail: nail clippers, tweezers, cotton balls, bandages and dressings and water. Soak a cotton ball in hydrogen peroxide and clean the entire surface of the toe. Next, wipe the area clean with water.

    Use nail clippers to trim the sides of the nail away from the skin, then clean the exposed area with hydrogen peroxide. Now it's time to grab your tweezers and test the strength of the nail. If you're lucky, the nail will be loose enough from damage or injury that you will be able to pull it free. If not, continue using nail clippers to remove the entire nail. Use tweezers to pull free any remnants. Make sure to apply hydrogen peroxide frequently, in order to clean and disinfect the nail bed.

    Once the toenail has been completely removed, wash the area again with hydrogen peroxide. Thoroughly rinse the nail bed and toe with water, pat dry, and then cover the toe with a bandage or dressing.


  • Speak to your physician or podiatrist if you need to remove a toenail. Improper toenail removal can result in excess bleeding, pain and infection. Also, a medical professional can determine why a nail problem is occurring or recurring and recommend proper treatment.

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