Organic Cure for Black Flies on Plants


Black flies as well as other insects can be unsightly as wells as harmful to many plants. Keeping them under control, however, does not have to be expensive or involve toxic insecticides. Black flies are pests, but they can be controlled organically to keep you healthy and save money.


  • Use bananas to reduce the population of black flies as well as aphids. Place the banana along the branches or stems of the plants, or take the peel and rub the oil over the leaves and foliage. Insects hate the smell and feel of bananas and will stay away.

    The banana also provides some added benefits. If placed in the pot it will eventually break down, giving some needed nutrients to the soil. Another advantage is that the oil from the peeling is very good for the leaves and foliage. It provides nutrients as well as gives them a healthy glow.

Soap and Water

  • Use soap and water individually or together to help reduce the black fly population. Sometimes just giving the plants a good soaking in lukewarm water is enough to keep them away. Take your plants and submerge them in water to force the flies to the surface. Spray the foliage with a spray bottle to knock the hangers on away.

    Add any dish washing liquid to the mix to enhance it. Take ½ cup soap and place it in a spray bottle. Fill it with lukewarm water and spray the leaves and foliage. This makes a natural insecticide that black flies and other insects hate. Once you have sprayed the plant, leave for a few minutes and then wipe away.


  • Take a cotton swab and dip it in some rubbing alcohol for the perfect solution to stopping black fly colonies. Rub on the leaves or dab away at any colonies, cocoons or eggs that you notice. Rubbing alcohol will not harm the leaves, but if your plants are delicate, then dilute it in half.

    Another method is to use any type of wine. Take a cup or bowl and fill it with wine. The flies will be attracted to the sugar inside and abandon the plants for a quick drink. The alcohol will make the flies get drunk and die.

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