Herbal Treatment for Burning Feet


Burning feet is a medical condition that produces feeling of heat and pain in the feet. Sometimes this sensation can be a dull, warm pain, and other times it can be an intense, often unbearable pain. Like restless leg syndrome, the sensation of burning feet will often occur at night when you are at rest and still. The condition is most often brought on by insufficient circulation in the legs and feet as well as imbalances in the nervous tissue. To combat this, there are several herbal remedies that can offset this imbalance.

Vitamin B1

  • Thiamine, or the B1 vitamin, is different from other vitamins in that the body does not naturally store it. Therefore, it must be replenished daily through proper diet. Because of this, it is easy to become B1 deficient, which is often thought to cause burning feet. Foods such as whole grains and green vegetables are high in vitamin B1 and should be eaten as part of the daily diet in order to avoid a deficiency.


  • Hawthorn herb can be mixed in hot water to make a tea by using one tablespoon of hawthorn to a cup of water. Drink a cup of this tea twice a day for optimal results. The hawthorn herb is known to dilate the blood vessels, which will in turn promote better circulation through the feet and alleviate the burning feeling. Hawthorn has long been used as a very low-risk and long-term supplement for treatment.


  • Chromium is another natural mineral that can be taken in supplement form. Burning feet are sometimes caused by an instability in the body's blood sugar level. This is why those suffering from diabetes are at a high risk of developing burning feet. Chromium supplements taken in regular doses will help offset this imbalance. It is important to note, however, that chromium can take up to several months to produce noticeable effects.


  • Bathing the feet in alternating hot and cold baths of thyme-infused water is seen as an effective topical treatment for burning feet, as it helps combat constricted blood vessels in the feet. Mix thyme in the water and alternate the feet between three minutes in a hot water bath and three seconds in a cold water bath. Do this for twenty minutes a day to relieve the blood vessels and alleviate the burning sensations.

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