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Having a problem with flies is a major annoyance. Trying to sit and enjoy a relaxing meal or reading a book while flies buzz around your face disturbs your solitude. Anyone with children or pets doesn't want to use toxic sprays in her home. Thankfully, several different home remedies are available -- and safe.

Inside the House

  • MyHomeRemedies.com recommends filling a spray bottle with water and adding two capfuls of dish soap. Rather than trying to swat the flies to kill them, spray them with this concoction. It will be vastly easier to get them than swatting is and the liquid will kill the flies, as well as other bugs.

    To discourage fruit flies, place a basil plant in the area you want free of them.

    A popular way to deter flies is to take a dish, place a sponge soaked with lavender oil in it and set it out. This will rid the room of the pests and make it smell like lavender.

    Flies are attracted to wine. Purchase a cheap bottle of wine and leave it open and you will have a home-made fly trap.

In the Garage

  • Many times, flies begin breeding in your garage and find their way into the house. A remedy to use in the garage is to take one or two jars, fill them two-thirds full of water and add some old, rotting food in the jar. Poke some holes about the size of a pencil in the lid of the jar. Flies will be attracted to the smell, climb in and die.

    Home-Remedy.org suggests sprinkling dry laundry soap in garbage cans and other problem areas. This will repel flies.

    BlissTree.com reports that you can purchase a type of wasp eggs, which when hatched will not harm people but will feed on fly larvae.

In the Yard

  • To repel flies on your plants and trees, in a pot combine 2 oz. of beer with 1 1/2 qt. of water. Add four diced jalapenos and two chopped cloves of garlic. Cover and boil it for five minutes and allow it to sit overnight. In the morning add a half of a cup of vinegar. Strain it into a spray bottle and spray the leaves of your plants to deter the flies in your yard.

    Grabthebasics.com reminds readers that flies breed in fecal matter, so if you have pets that defecate in your yard, cleaning up after them may reduce the number of flies you get.

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