How Do I Store My Camelback Water Bladder?


A Camelbak hydration system is standard-issue gear for mountain bikers and even soldiers these days. After that recent epic ride, however, it's necessary to properly store your equipment. By properly taking care of your gear, you will keep yourself healthy and your pocketbook full.


  • Prepare your Camelbak for storage. Before storage, clean the inner bladder if necessary. The most convenient way to take care of this is by purchasing a Camelbak Cleaning Kit. The kit contains cleaning tablets, a reservoir dryer and cleaning brushes. Inspect parts such as the bite valve and the hydrolock for cleanliness and replace as necessary. Use soap and water to wash the bite valve after every ride. After rinsing, fill the bladder again with clean water and pour in a cleaning tablet. As an alternative, use a denture tablet instead of the cleaning tablet. The denture tablet gently cleans and at the same time leaves a refreshing mint taste. The mint flavor masks the taste of water sitting in a plastic bladder for hours during a ride on a hot day.


  • Choose a dark area to store your Camelbak. Bacterium thrives in sunlight, so store your Camelbak in the garage or hanging from the curtain rod in the shower to avoid this problem. Unclasp all parts, shake as much water out as possible and then prop the bladder open using the reservoir dryer. The reservoir dryer opens the bladder and has a hooked top so it can be hung. To save costs, a homemade reservoir dryer can be made from a plastic coat hanger.

Quick Storage

  • Throw your Camelbak in the freezer if you're in a rush. Though this might not be most people's first thought, cold conditions are not friendly toward bacteria. Additionally, there is no ultraviolet light in the freezer---it is a dark environment once the door is closed. Also, the polymers used to retain component flexibility are less affected by evaporation because of the cold. This method works best if only water is used to fill the bladder.

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