The Best Food for My Overweight English Bulldog


An overweight bulldog can experience many health problems; joint problems, respiratory distress and heart troubles top the list. Since bulldogs are usually not too active, it is often difficult to keep them lean and trim, especially once they have packed on a few pounds. But with the help of a good diet, weight loss is possible.

Royal Canin Calorie Control CC High Fiber Dog Food

One popular method in which to eliminate excess weight is through a diet containing minimal calories, along with high fiber and protein contents. One product that promotes such a diet is Royal Canin Calorie Control CC High Fiber Dog Food. Available in dry and wet, this diet formula is designed to help with weight loss and is meant to be used along with a weight-reduction program supervised by your veterinarian. The soluble and insoluble fibers in the food also help prevent gastrointestinal diseases that are fiber-responsive. A drawback in using high-fiber foods, however, is that your pooch will have to use the potty more often.

Hill's R/D

Hill’s Pet Nutrition offers its own weight-loss diet, R/D. Also offered in wet and dry, R/D is formulated with a combination of lysine, carnitine and soluble fiber, which is intended to help the body burn fat. The dry form of this high-fiber diet has also been proven to reduce body fat by 22 percent in two months. This type of weight loss is optimal for bulldogs, since not much activity is required in order to lose weight.

Purina OM

Purina OM is a low-fat, low-calorie prescription weight-loss diet for canines. Its high levels of protein help to stimulate a dog’s metabolism, while helping to promote lean muscles. In addition, it also contains a high amount of fiber to help your dog feel full and low amounts of fat and calories to aid in weight loss.

Homemade Weight-Loss Diet

If you would like to try making your own food for your overweight bulldog, first consult with your veterinarian to make sure it meets the nutritional requirements of your pooch.

Boil a whole chicken until it is completely cooked and remove the bones. Using the broth that the chicken created while it cooked, add 1 lb. of brown rice and cook until the rice is tender. You can then add 2 to 3 cups of miller’s bran and, depending upon the dog’s weight, 1/8 to 1/4 of a Centrum tablet. This protein- and fiber-rich diet should help your friend lose some of his excess baggage.

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