High Frequency Treatments for the Scalp


An itchy or flaky scalp is a common ailment. Eliminating these conditions can build self-confidence, hair health, and overall comfort. Causes of itchy or flaky scalp range from simple hygiene to more serious conditions such as psoriasis. Of course, these are not life-threatening conditions, but individuals experiencing the constant itching will do much to eliminate the underlying causes of their symptoms.

Find Out What Is Causing Your Itchy and Flaky Scalp

One of three factors generally causes an itchy or flaky scalp. First, according to Healthhype.com, “When hair (especially oily hair) is not washed frequently enough, skin cells build up on the scalp and cause itching and dandruff”. The skin is constantly regenerating, and surface skin cells die and usually fall away from the body naturally. Infrequent hair-washing can prevent scalp skin cells from falling away naturally, resulting in accumulation and the unsightly, sometimes itchy dandruff that goes with it.

The second cause is dry scalp skin. Rather than a buildup of dead skin cells, dry scalp skin “lack[s] the protective oil layer,” and, “is vulnerable to infections and easily gets irritated,” states Healthhype.com. In this situation, the actual health of the scalp is in question.

Finally, psoriasis is a common, scalp-affecting condition. According to Bio-medicine.org, “Psoriasis is a chronic, inflammatory skin disease for which there is no cure.” Though psoriasis is related to the skin system as a whole, it frequently appears in scalp conditions, resulting in the same itchy and flaky symptoms as the previous two causes.

High-Frequency Treatments Using the Right Shampoos

In all cases, treatment of scalp issues is likely going to be administered via shampoos. If the underlying cause is related to dead skin cell buildup, regular washing will likely rectify the problem over time. Initially, using a special dandruff shampoo may help rein in symptoms more quickly. However, if the underlying cause is dry scalp skin, a special shampoo specifically designed for dry hair is advised. As both conditions are commonplace, finding the right shampoo in grocery stores, pharmacies, and beauty shops will be easy.

To treat psoriasis, discuss prescription-strength shampoos and medications with your doctor. Though not particularly dangerous, psoriasis can cause extreme discomfort, and consultation with a dermatologist might help you find relief.

Consult a Dermatologist If Necessary

When treating issues of the scalp, the ultimate goal is to clean the surface while promoting regular skin health. High-frequency practices such as regular hair-washing with shampoos designed for these uses will likely bring relief. If for some reason symptoms persist, it would be wise for you to communicate with a health care provider to ensure that some other cause is not to blame. In some cases, Healthhype.com points out, both diet and stress have been known to cause dry scalp skin, but these factors cannot be self-diagnosed. By taking the practical approach and attempting to control your condition with frequent washing using shampoos specific to your symptoms, you'll quickly discover whether a visit to the dermatologist is necessary.

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