How Much Garlic Does a Dog Need to Get Rid of Fleas?


Some of us don't want to give our best friend harsh chemicals when fleas arise. You may have heard that garlic can repeal fleas. For many, using garlic has been a great deterrent. If used in the proper amounts, garlic is great, but you need to be careful, as too much garlic is toxic, and puppies and anemic dogs should never be given garlic. So what is too much, and what is enough?

Can Dogs Tolerate Garlic?

  • The answer is an ambiguous, probably. The important thing is watch the dose and the frequency you are giving your favorite pet garlic. Dogs can get sick if given too much garlic, so watch the intake and only give seasonally when your pet is prone to fleas.


  • According to Natural Dog Health Remedies, the following measurements are safe for your pet. Make sure you have an accurate weight of your dog:
    10 to 15 lbs. - half a clove
    20 to 40 lbs. - one clove
    45 to 70 lbs. - two cloves
    75 to 90 lbs. - 2.5 cloves
    100 lbs. and over - three cloves

How to Administer Garlic

  • The best thing to do is to grind up the garlic and place it in your dogs food. Some people prefer to cook the garlic a bit first; others say raw is the best. Your dog's vet will have the best advice and will be able to confer on the proper dosage for your pet too.


  • A dog can get ill if given garlic continuously. Natural Dog Health remedies suggest that you only give garlic five out of seven days in any given week to prevent your dog from obtaining any adverse effect while still retaining flea prevention. Always consult your pet's vet before starting any new regime or self-prescribing herbal remedies.


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