Non-Lethal Methods of Rat Control


Rat control is needed for various areas. Rats seem to be found most in vacant buildings and areas without many people. As a result, you may need to employ various types of rat control techniques to remove the rodents. If do not want to kill the rats, you can use non-lethal methods.

Rat Population Control

  • Before you begin taking measures to control rats in a particular area, understand why they are present. Reasons can include a plentiful food source for the rodents and poor or non-existent sanitation. You can begin to control rat populations by eliminating their source of food and water. This involves properly disposing of waste and garbage, as well as getting neighbors and local businesses to do the same. In addition to eliminating food and water, you also need to clean up an area so the rats do not have a place to nest. One you have begun rat population initiatives, monitor the area for effectiveness.


  • The use of traps is non-lethal and one of the most humane ways to remove and control rats. Traps come in many types, and two non-lethal varieties include a glue trap and a live trap. You can use various types of traps to avoid using chemicals or other methods that require you to dispose of a dead rat. A glue trap needs to be used in a clean and dry area for it to work properly. However, you will still need to dispose of the live rat once it gets stuck on the glue. Another trapping option is to use a live trap. A live trap involves setting bait in the trap that closes once the rat enters the trap. This allows you to humanely take the rat and release it in another location. Trapping rats keeps them from running into a wall or other inaccessible area to die, which leads to not only a bad smell but also a health hazard.


  • Newer types of non-lethal rat control methods involve using ultrasonic sound. These devices emit an ultra high-frequency that cannot be heard by humans. Rats and other rodents are sensitive to the sound; as a result, rats will stay away from an area where any type of high-frequency rat or rodent repellents are present. You can find these devices online, through mail-order and various gardening and home shopping channels. You can purchase an ultrasonic sound device that requires an electrical outlet or uses a battery. If you decide to use an ultrasonic sound device, place one in each room or area where rats are present.

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