Instructions to Making Mohawk Ponytails

A Mohawk can be a fun look for Halloween, concerts or special events. However, if you only want a to wear a Mohawk for a special event, you most likely do not want to cut your hair into a full Mohawk style. There are ways to style your hair into a Mohawk without actually cutting your hair using ponytails. All you need is a few ponytail holders, a teasing comb, and styling products to achieve this look. And the best part is with a no-cut mohawk you can go back to your original look in no time.

  1. Preparation

    • The key to the ponytail Mohawk is giving it enough volume and texture that it stands up. This can partly be done through teasing and the use of hair products; however, it also relies a lot on the cleanliness of your hair. Hair holds better in a style when it has the natural oils of the hair to work with. If your hair is too clean, it is too soft and will not hold a style as well. So, when planning the debut of your ponytail Mohawk, wash your hair the day before and not the day that you are actually planning on wearing the style. This will help the Mohawk to hold better. Also, run mousse through your hair when you shower, which will also help the hair hold the style better the next day.


    • To make the ponytails for the Mohawk, divide your hair into three or four ponytails, beginning at the hairline. Separate the front of your hair into a 2 to 3-inch section that runs over the top and to the back of your head. You will want to keep this hair separate from the rest of your hair, so gather the hair on each side of your head into ponytails or buns so that it doesn't get mixed in.

      Next, begin teasing the middle section of hair. Hold the hair straight up, and run a teasing comb downward, teasing the hair several inches upward. Tease thin sections of hair to get as much stiffness as possible. Do this to all of the hair in the middle section, from the front to the back of your head. Gather hair into a ponytail on top of you head that stops at your scalp, or about 2 inches back from your forehead. Repeat by making another, similar sized ponytail beneath that one that starts just behind the center of your head, and another just below the crown of your head.


    • The hair products you apply to your ponytails will give the Mohawk its lasting hold. Use an extra-strength hair gel to stand the hair in the ponytails straight up, such as Got2Be Glued, or another similar product. Run the gel from the base to the tips of the ponytail and allow to dry. For extra hold, hold your hair upside down and use a blow dryer to apply low heat. Finish with an extra-hold hair spray.

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