Ivory White Whitening Instructions


Home teeth whitening kits are growing in popularity, as they claim to save both time and money when compared to professional teeth whitening procedures. The Ivory White teeth whitening kit comes with the promise of delivering a dramatically whiter smile just a few days after you begin using the product. The product is available online at ivorywhite.com, where a free trial is also offered.


  • Prior to starting the teeth whitening process, check to see that all the product items are included and not damaged. Your kit should contain: application arches (Sure-Fit trays), teeth whitening gel and an applicator. Read through the enclosed instructions thoroughly to familiarize yourself with the different stages and processes involved.


  • You can get a whiter smile in four simple stages.

    Stage 1: Prepare your teeth to gain maximum exposure to the teeth whitening ingredients, brush and rinse your mouth.

    Stage 2: Fit the Sure-Fit trays to your mouth. Place a pan of water to boil (there should be enough water to completely immerse the trays) with the tab being above water. Once boiled remove the pan from heat, carefully remove the trays and place the upper one in your mouth, taking care as the trays are pliable at this stage. Use the tab to center and your thumb and index finger to mold around your teeth, leave the tray in your mouth for about 30 seconds until it has cooled. Repeat the process for the lower tray.

    Stage 3: Dispense a small amount of the mint flavored whitening gel into each of the mouth trays. Only a small amount is required for maximum effectiveness.

    Stage 4:
    Place the upper and lower trays in your mouth with caution, bite down on the trays and close your mouth. Keep them in for 30 to 60 minutes. After removing the trays, brush your teeth or rinse your mouth thoroughly to remove any remaining whitening gel.


  • Contact the customer service department at Ivory White for clarification if you are unsure about anything. Thoroughly cleanse your Sure Fit trays with a toothbrush and cold water after each application, allow them to dry between applications and store them in an antibacterial case. Remove the trays before you go to sleep. Ivory White won't change the color of your fillings, crowns, caps or previous dental treatment.

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