Vitamins to Take to Help Nose Bleeds

Epistaxis, better known as a nosebleed, is a common occurrence. There are two types of nosebleeds: anterior, which is the most common, and posterior. Because the nose is full of capillaries it is vulnerable to trauma and irritation. Vitamins may help prevent nosebleeds.

  1. About Nosebleeds

    • Nosebleeds are fairly common in children. Nosebleeds may be caused by injury or other physical trauma to the nose. There are tiny blood vessels in the nose that can cause profuse bleeding when damaged. If this bleeding does not stop easily, there might be other concerns. See a doctor if you have frequent nosebleeds. If the capillaries of the nose wall are fragile, this may stem from the lack of vitamin C.

    Helpful vitamins

    • Vitamin C helps maintain blood vessels. Vitamin K helps limit the amount of bleeding by clotting the blood. Seed extracts like grape and quercitin, a nutriotional supplement, are a good combination to use with vitamin C because they are loaded with bioflavonoids. Bioflavonoids help to strengthen the blood vessel walls. Vitamin E is also useful as it is a natural anti-inflammatory. It will lessen the swelling of your nose and membranes. Vitamin B strengthens blood vessels.

    Natural remedies

    • Take cotton gauze that has been soaked in ten drops of horsetail herb with a bit of water and place on the nostrils. Keep the gauze on the nostrils for ten minutes while breathing through your mouth. Cut two onions in half and place them on the nostrils. Take two other slices and place them on your neck. If you are somewhere you cannot access supplies, pinch the nostrils shut for five minutes. Do not try to blow your nose for several more minutes. When a nosebleed occurs, lean forward so the mucus and blood do not run down your throat.

    A note about taking vitamins

    • recommends taking vitamins at night for the most nutritional value and benefits. At night, your body slows down its absorption rate, allowing nutrients to do more work.

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