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A big stomach can mean many things. Finding a remedy for such a problem can only be done properly by first identifying the underlying cause of the condition. A big stomach may result from bloating due to gas, obesity, or a symptom of another problem that causes swelling in the abdomen.

Bloating From Gas

  • If your stomach bloats shortly after eating and the condition is temporary then it is most likely gas related. Gas can cause the stomach to enlarge and it may lead to mild to moderate pain and cause belching.

    There are many ways to remedy gas at home without seeing the doctor. The easiest is to modify the way in which you eat. Chew slowly and take your time with a meal to encourage proper digestion and prevent unnecessary swallowing of air. Eating a couple of crackers before a big meal may better prepare and calm your stomach to help avoid gas, according to healthguidance.org.

    Sipping very cold milk and allowing it to coat and soothe the stomach when it is experiencing indigestion can help quickly relieve gas pain and bloating, and the use of ginger tea (boiling ginger root in water) is an old favorite as an herbal cure for gas.


  • If your stomach is enlarged because you have become obese, the answer is simple. You must lose weight. Depending on body type, some obese people carry their weight below the waist in their buttocks and legs, while others carry it high in their stomach and chest. Each type of obesity has its complications. To regain a flat stomach and improve your overall health, a balanced diet that includes recommended servings of fruits, vegetables, lean meats and grains in addition to aerobic and muscle-building exercise is the only sure route to success.
    Exercises that force you to use the unsupported trunk of your body, such as crunches, Pilates and core exercises with a fitness ball, will help you strengthen and tone your abdominal muscles, according to the Mayo Clinic.


  • If neither gas nor obesity appears to be the cause of your enlarged stomach, it is possible you have another medical condition that may need to be checked out by a doctor. Some causes of an enlarged stomach include food allergies, hernia, pregnancy, malabsorption, diabetic gastroparesis, appendicitis and pancreatic or gallbladder disease. All of these require medical care, according to wrongdiagnosis.com.

    However, there are some causes that you may be able to remedy at home once you find out what the problem is.

    Premenstrual syndrome, constipation and lactose intolerance can all cause stomach bloating and may all be relieved with home remedies.

    Bloating caused by PMS is rooted in water retention. To relieve this discomfort cut back on salty foods and drink plenty of water to flush out your system. More water will also help with constipation, as will the consumption of whole grains and fiber.

    Lactose intolerance, however, means you will have to avoid foods with lactose (milk sugar) while maintaining enough calcium for general nutritional needs.

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