Cheats for SOCOM: US Navy SEALs Combined Assault

"SOCOM: U.S. Navy Seals: Combined Assault" is a video game that was released for the PlayStation 2 console in 2006. It is a war game that combines stealth, gun fighting and vehicular action as it spans throughout 18 levels of gameplay. It also employs standard, battling multiplayer along with a co-op mode, allowing two players to work together to complete a mission. There are a number of unlockables that can be acquired throughout the title, provided you're willing to work for them.

  1. Badge Bonuses

    • Throughout the game, you'll earn badges based on the number of tasks you complete with each badge representing a different feat. As you collect badges, you'll also unlock special cheats, modes and extras depending on how many you've acquired. You can unlock anything from weapons to scopes to songs from the "SOCOM" score to play on a virtual jukebox. Here's a listing of the extras you can acquire through badge collecting, in accordance with the number of badges you'll need, with acquiring certain numbers granting more than one unlockable:

      6 Badges: adjustable scopes for rifles
      9 Badges: light weapons set
      12 Badges: heavy weapons set
      15 Badges: Defense Force weapons set, "Main Theme" (song), "Kariminal" (song), "Boomer's Reprise" (song) and "Catch and Release" (song)
      18 Badges: Rubel weapons set
      21 Badges: Mercenary weapons set, "The Infinite Soul" (song), "Fireteam Bravo" (song), "Urban Destruction" (song), "Band and Clear" (song), "Roll Over Adjikistan" (song) and "Credit Theme" (song)
      24 Badges: SEAL weapons set
      27 Badges: R44M gun
      30 Badges: enemy explosives
      32 Badges: MM-I grenade launcher

    FMV Sequences

    • By completing certain tasks, you can unlock various FMV (movie) sequences throughout the game to watch whenever you want from the main menu. You can unlock the movies "Envoy," "Polaris," "Stormsurge" and "Credit Sequence" by beating all four of the primary missions in Campaign mode; being Kingfisher, Chokhold and Highwire; and finally beating the entire game respectively. You must beat every mission with an Ensign or higher rank.

      There are several hidden movies, however, that can be acquired by playing "SOCOM: U.S. Navy Seals: Fireteam Bravo 2" for the PlayStation Portable (PSP). Upon beating the game, link it to the PlayStation 2 using the USB input (found on the front and to the left of the PlaysStation 2 console), and you will be given the option to watch these hidden movies, which are titled "Endgame," "Karim's Orders," "Shadow Element" and "Turning Point."

    Display Coordinates

    • The game's only cheat that doesn't require you to unlock anything is one that allows you to easily display your coordinates at the bottom right corner of the screen. To do this, simply pause the game and sequentially press "Square," "Triangle," 'Circle," 'Circle," "L1," "Triangle," "Circle," "Circle," "Triangle" and "Square." Resume the game, and your coordinates will be displayed on the screen.

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