Alcohol Detox Sweats


When detoxing from alcohol, even if you are not an alcoholic, sweating is a primary symptom as it is a way of releasing the toxins from your body. Alcohol is a toxin that gives us temporary pleasure but is something our body is trying to rid itself of the moment it gets into the bloodstream. There are various types of alcohol detox sweats, occurring in various amounts depending on the amount of alcohol that is being consumed regularly and how extreme the detox is for the person.

A Little Sweating

A little amount of sweating usually means there has been a large enough amount of alcohol in the system that it needs to be released through the pores via perspiration. According to this release of sweat is common in most casual drinkers who have had one too many, as alcohol stimulates the sweat glands. The best way to rid yourself of this sweat is to drink plenty of water or liquids which will rehydrate your body. For those who are in actual detox from alcohol, the less sweating is usually a good sign of not being terribly dependent--however, there are other withdrawal symptoms from alcohol dependency.

Regular Sweating

When detoxing from alcohol if you are sweating regularly, it means the body is both trying to release the toxins from the body itself and trying to cool itself off as it is becoming warmer due to its dependency on alcohol. According to's questionnaire of how serious is your alcoholism, this is often a sign of a strong dependency on alcohol due to the extreme symptoms of the detoxification. The body reacts hyperactively at this stage, creating feelings of hot and cold, shaking and sweats. If this is occurring to someone going through alcohol detox, it is a good idea to have a medical practitioner on hand who can monitor the dependent's health and make sure they don't need to be admitted to a medical facility.

Profuse Sweating

According to, in some more extreme cases of alcohol detox, the patient will experience heavy, profuse sweating that literally will drench them. This type of sweating is often associated by other forms of alcohol withdrawal symptoms, like extreme tremors that can lead to seizures. People who are sweating this much from alcohol detoxification should definitely be admitted to the hospital as this is an extreme reaction and not only do they have to be monitored for other more dangerous side effects but also should have their fluids and hydration kept in check so they don't dehydrate.

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