Cat Soap Recipes


If you have a cat that actually tolerates or enjoys baths, you can treat it to homemade soaps that will brighten its coat, as well as keep its skin clear and fleas away. Ensure that you only use ingredients that are not poisonous as cats lick themselves all day and thus will ingest what you bathed them in.

Rosemary Castile Soap

Grate a bar of castile soap in the upper bowl of a double boiler and melt. Add 3 ounces of rosemary infusion to the melted soap. Stir and heat together until blended. Pour into a container and let set. Once hard, you can use it on your cat to keep fleas away, keep its skin clear and create a healthy coat.

Neem Oil Soap

Neem oil can help deter and get rid of fleas, ticks, intestinal parasites and mange mites. Make sure that you only use pure neem oil, although neem oil extract makes a plausible substitute. Simply add the neem oil to your veterinarian-approved cat liquid soap/shampoo. Use 1 ml of neem oil for every 100 ml of liquid soap. Be absolutely sure that you do not add tea tree, cajeput or camphor oils to mask the scent of the neem. These oils are toxic to cats.

Neem Oil Spray Soap

If you want to protect your cat from fleas or mosquitoes, spray it with neem spray soap. Mix together 2.5 ml pure neem oil, 1 ml mild soap (pet soap preferred) and 0.5 litre warm water in a spray bottle. Spray the cat’s coat lightly or spray solution into a sponge and sponge over the coat. Neem oil starts to break down once it is dissolved in water so make sure to use this right away and keep for no more than eight hours.

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