Home Remedies for Ear Pain or Infections

Your ear consists of the outer, middle and inner ears. Infections typically happen in the inner ear. Two types of infections can cause earaches. Otitis media is centered in the middle ear and is most common in babies and young children. Otitis externa, also called swimmer's ear, is centered in the external ear area. There are several kinds of home remedies for earache and infection.

  1. Prevention

    • If you can prevent getting earaches or ear infections in the first place, this is the best policy. Some preventative steps are using ear plugs when you are swimming or dunking your head when bathing, staying away from those who have colds, washing your hands regularly, and avoiding cigarette smoke.

    Garlic Juice

    • Pierce a clove of garlic with a thick needle and drain the juice into a clean container. Tip your head to the side so your infected ear is facing upward. Then, using a clean eye dropper, drop a few drops of the fresh garlic juice into your infected ear. Lay down with the infected ear facing up to give the garlic juice an opportunity to penetrate the ear. Garlic juice is a natural antibiotic and will help curtail an ear infection. Once the garlic juice has started combating the infection, you should also notice a decrease in the earache pain, if not a complete cessation.

    White Vinegar

    • White vinegar is good for treating all types of fungal infections associated with the ear, including swimmer's ear. Mix white vinegar and clean water in a 50/50 mixture, then, using a clean eye dropper or ear syringe, drop several drops of the mixture into your infected ear. Try lying down with your infected ear facing up to do this. Keep in mind that while white vinegar is great for treating fungal infections, it can actually make a bacterial ear infection worse. Be sure and have your ear infection properly identified by a doctor before trying this home remedy.

    Clean Sock and Rice

    • Find a clean sock without any holes in it, and then put approximately 1 cup of rice in it. Put the sock filled with rice in the microwave and heat it for about one minute. Take it out of the microwave and hold it against the aching ear. Do this several times a day and it will help break up the pressure and drain buildup in the painful ear.

    Lemon Juice

    • Squeeze lemon juice into your ear if you are suffering from a bacterial ear infection. Make sure you tip your head so the affected ear is facing up, or lay down with the ear facing up, before squeezing the lemon juice into your ear. Also consider placing a towel to cover your hair and collect any dripping lemon juice; otherwise, your hair may become sticky. The reason lemon juice works is that it changes the pH in your ear. Lemon juice is an acid, and when you squeeze it in your ear it neutralizes the pH levels, making it difficult for the bacteria to survive.

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