Kinesio Taping Techniques for a Knee


Kinesio tape is a popular tool for athletic injury prevention and healing of various sports-related injuries to muscles and ligaments. This cotton adhesive product is applied to the skin in order to mimic the function and position of muscles in the body to support injured areas, allowing them to heal without limiting movement, according to One common use of Kinesio tape is to support an injured knee.

Patella Pain Technique

To treat pain caused by an injury in the patella (kneecap), first straighten your leg and measure a strip of Kinesio tape from about six inches above the kneecap to a spot about an inch below the bottom of the kneecap. Cut the strip off the roll with scissors and then use the scissors to split the lower end of the strip up the middle from the bottom to the point just above the kneecap. Peel off the backing and position the tape on your leg so that the split begins immediately above the knee. The un-split end will be running directly up the center of your upper leg in line with your kneecap. Rub the top part of the tape to make it bond with the skin and make sure it is smooth. Bend your knee 90 degrees. With slight tension, pull the lower end of the tape into a “Y” shape so that each piece of the tape goes around its side of the kneecap and reconnects at the bottom center of the kneecap. The tape should not be stretched or only stretched very slightly to get into this position. Use your fingers to rub the tape so that it will stick and smooth it out. Cut a second strip of tape that is an inch or two longer than the length of your kneecap from top to bottom. Use scissors to split this piece of tape in half down the center creating another “Y” shape. This cut should leave one end connected by about an inch of tape. Place the connected end on top of the tape already applied to the bottom of the kneecap and wrap the tails of the “Y” around the kneecap, joining again at the top of the cap. Use your fingers to rub the tape smooth and make it adhere to the tape below.

Runner’s Knee Technique

Among runners, patellofemoral pain syndrom (runner’s knee) is the most commonly experienced injury. This condition is caused by the overuse of the knee joint and the wearing down of shock-absorbing cartilage, according to "Runner's World" magazine. The pain from runner’s knee can be alleviated and potentially prevented using a Kinesio taping method that is extremely easy to do. You can apply it yourself and be back on the track in just a couple of minutes. Simply measure out about four inches of Kinesio tape from a roll and remove the backing. Hold the tape with both hands and stretch it lengthwise and place it across your patellar tendon. This is directly beneath your kneecap. Use your fingers to adhere the tape and smooth it out.

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