Home Remedy for Killing Fleas

More than one billion dollars are spent on commercial remedies for fleas and ticks each year, according to the National Resources Defense Council (NRDC). Some of these products are toxic not only to fleas and ticks, but can also be harmful to your pets and possibly even humans in the home. Cost and health hazards are two significant reasons why so many people look for ways to kill fleas with home remedies.

  1. Garlic

    • Garlic is an aromatic vegetable commonly used in cooking that adds a lot of flavor to many dishes, but it appears fleas can't handle it. According to Home-Remedy.org, feeding your pet garlic will kill fleas inhabiting your dog or cat's coat and will keep other fleas away.
      If you have dogs over 50 pounds, mix two teaspoons into their food each day for no more than two weeks. This should get rid of the flea problem. For a smaller dog, use a half-teaspoon per day, and cut it down to an eighth-teaspoon for cats.

    Neem Oil

    • Neem Oil can be applied to your pet's skin to kill and prevent fleas. According to Home-Remedy.org, this Indian herb is considered one of the best remedies for killing the pests. Neem is also available in a lower concentration as a lotion. It may be necessary to test it first on some pets because of the possibility of skin irritations caused by this herb. The taste of neem oil is extremely bitter and this can keep your dog from habitually gnawing on its own skin as well as be helpful for other skin problems.

    Dish Soap Bath

    • If you have ever wondered which commercial flea shampoo is most effective, you can stop worrying about it. You don't necessarily need to look any further than your kitchen cabinets. Dishwashing soap such as Dawn can be used as an effective flea shampoo.
      This common liquid soap will keep eggs from sticking to the fur of your dog and will kill the existing fleas shortly after contact.
      Be sure to lather up your dog's neck first, as fleas will make a run for the face and ears of your pet as soon as they realize what is happening, according to All-Pets-Info.com. Make sure the pet is coated entirely with suds and let them sit for about five minutes before you rinse. This will get rid of almost all of the fleas. You could repeat a few days later to take care of any left behind.

    Apple Cider Vinegar

    • For a short-term fix of ridding your pet of fleas, perhaps long enough to get them into the house for a proper bathing, use a mixture of two parts vinegar to one part water in a spray bottle and saturate the animal's fur and comb it through, according to Home-Remedy.org.
      This will not necessarily kill the fleas, but they will immediately jump off and will stay away for up to four or five days.

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