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Blizzard's "World of Warcraft" is by far the most popular massively multiplayer online role-playing game of all time. It captured the world's imagination in 2004 and still has not let go to this day. The in-game economy of "World of Warcraft" runs on gold, which can be used to buy armor and mounts and is even sold for actual money online to people who don't want to work for it themselves. To be able to experience the game to its fullest, you'll need gold.


  • Blizzard is well-known for the quality of their games and also well-known for aggressiveness in maintaining that quality. Part of that maintaining is going after anyone suspected of cheating. For that reason, you should avoid cheating in overt ways (stealing someone's account or trying to hack) because, simply put, you will be found and you will be banned from the game for life. If you wish to continue playing the game, there are ways to gain gold quickly and easily that it almost feels like you're cheating. For example, if you're a hunter with the "feign death" ability, you can go to Razorfen Kraul and fight Overlord Ramtusk. With him, he'll have a few bodyguards, who have a one in two chance of dropping the armor piercer item, which sells for 48 silver. Kill these bodyguards and loot their bodies. Next, when the Overlord comes over, feign death. He will retreat, and two new bodyguards will respawn. Keep doing this process until your pouches are full, and go sell them items for up to a hundred gold.

    Another great way is to go to Dig Three in Uldaman. Here, there is Firehammer who drops multiple enchanted items worth heavy amounts of gold. Disenchant them, take them and leave the room. Next, return to the room, and the Firehammer will respawn. Repeat the process until your bags are full and sell the items for plenty of gold.

    There are ways to earn gold quickly, but they all include some sort of work, even if it's brief. Fortunately for everyone else who doesn't like to deal with cheaters, Blizzard has created a game that tries its hardest to be cheat-free.

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